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mfem::H1Ser_FECollection Class Reference

#include <fe_coll.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 H1Ser_FECollection (const int p, const int dim=2)
- Public Member Functions inherited from mfem::H1_FECollection
 H1_FECollection (const int p, const int dim=3, const int btype=BasisType::GaussLobatto)
virtual const FiniteElementFiniteElementForGeometry (Geometry::Type GeomType) const
virtual int DofForGeometry (Geometry::Type GeomType) const
virtual const int * DofOrderForOrientation (Geometry::Type GeomType, int Or) const
 Returns an array, say p, that maps a local permuted index i to a local base index: base_i = p[i]. More...
virtual const char * Name () const
virtual int GetContType () const
int GetBasisType () const
FiniteElementCollectionGetTraceCollection () const
const int * GetDofMap (Geometry::Type GeomType) const
 Get the Cartesian to local H1 dof map. More...
const int * GetDofMap (Geometry::Type GeomType, int p) const
 Variable order version of GetDofMap. More...
FiniteElementCollectionClone (int p) const
 Instantiate a new collection of the same type with a different order. More...
virtual ~H1_FECollection ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from mfem::FiniteElementCollection
virtual const FiniteElementFiniteElementForDim (int dim) const
 Returns the first non-NULL FiniteElement for the given dimension. More...
virtual StatelessDofTransformationDofTransformationForGeometry (Geometry::Type GeomType) const
 Returns a DoF transformation object compatible with this basis and geometry type. More...
int HasFaceDofs (Geometry::Type geom, int p) const
virtual const FiniteElementTraceFiniteElementForGeometry (Geometry::Type GeomType) const
virtual ~FiniteElementCollection ()
void SubDofOrder (Geometry::Type Geom, int SDim, int Info, Array< int > &dofs) const
 Get the local dofs for a given sub-manifold. More...
const FiniteElementGetFE (Geometry::Type geom, int p) const
 Variable order version of FiniteElementForGeometry(). More...
int GetNumDof (Geometry::Type geom, int p) const
 Variable order version of DofForGeometry(). More...
const int * GetDofOrdering (Geometry::Type geom, int p, int ori) const
 Variable order version of DofOrderForOrientation(). More...
int GetOrder () const
 Return the order (polynomial degree) of the FE collection, corresponding to the order/degree returned by FiniteElement::GetOrder() of the highest-dimensional FiniteElements defined by the collection. More...
virtual int GetRangeType (int dim) const
virtual int GetDerivRangeType (int dim) const
virtual int GetMapType (int dim) const
virtual int GetDerivType (int dim) const
virtual int GetDerivMapType (int dim) const

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from mfem::FiniteElementCollection
 Enumeration for ContType: defines the continuity of the field across element interfaces. More...
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from mfem::FiniteElementCollection
static FiniteElementCollectionNew (const char *name)
 Factory method: return a newly allocated FiniteElementCollection according to the given name. More...
- Protected Types inherited from mfem::FiniteElementCollection
 How to treat errors in FiniteElementForGeometry() calls. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from mfem::FiniteElementCollection
 FiniteElementCollection ()
 FiniteElementCollection (int p)
void InitVarOrder (int p) const
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from mfem::FiniteElementCollection
template<Geometry::Type geom>
static void GetNVE (int &nv, int &ne)
template<Geometry::Type geom, typename v_t >
static void GetEdge (int &nv, v_t &v, int &ne, int &e, int &eo, const int edge_info)
template<Geometry::Type geom, Geometry::Type f_geom, typename v_t , typename e_t , typename eo_t >
static void GetFace (int &nv, v_t &v, int &ne, e_t &e, eo_t &eo, int &nf, int &f, Geometry::Type &fg, int &fo, const int face_info)
- Protected Attributes inherited from mfem::H1_FECollection
int dim
int b_type
char h1_name [32]
FiniteElementH1_Elements [Geometry::NumGeom]
int H1_dof [Geometry::NumGeom]
int * SegDofOrd [2]
int * TriDofOrd [6]
int * QuadDofOrd [8]
int * TetDofOrd [24]
- Protected Attributes inherited from mfem::FiniteElementCollection
const int base_p
 Order as returned by GetOrder(). More...
Array< FiniteElementCollection * > var_orders
ErrorMode error_mode = RAISE_MFEM_ERROR
 How to treat errors in FiniteElementForGeometry() calls. More...

Detailed Description

Arbitrary order H1-conforming (continuous) serendipity finite elements; Current implementation works in 2D only; 3D version is in development.

Definition at line 309 of file fe_coll.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ H1Ser_FECollection()

mfem::H1Ser_FECollection::H1Ser_FECollection ( const int  p,
const int  dim = 2 

Definition at line 312 of file fe_coll.hpp.

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