MFEM  v4.1.0
Finite element discretization library
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mfem::MatrixCoefficient Class Referenceabstract

#include <coefficient.hpp>

Inherited by HessianCoefficient, HessianCoefficient, mfem::IdentityMatrixCoefficient, mfem::InverseMatrixCoefficient, mfem::MatrixArrayCoefficient, mfem::MatrixConstantCoefficient, mfem::MatrixFunctionCoefficient, mfem::MatrixRestrictedCoefficient, mfem::MatrixSumCoefficient, mfem::OuterProductCoefficient, mfem::ScalarMatrixProductCoefficient, and mfem::TransposeMatrixCoefficient.

Public Member Functions

 MatrixCoefficient (int dim)
 MatrixCoefficient (int h, int w)
void SetTime (double t)
double GetTime ()
int GetHeight () const
int GetWidth () const
int GetVDim () const
virtual void Eval (DenseMatrix &K, ElementTransformation &T, const IntegrationPoint &ip)=0
 Evaluate the matrix coefficient in the element described by T at the point ip, storing the result in K. More...
virtual ~MatrixCoefficient ()

Protected Attributes

int height
int width
double time

Detailed Description

Definition at line 546 of file coefficient.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mfem::MatrixCoefficient::MatrixCoefficient ( int  dim)

Definition at line 553 of file coefficient.hpp.

mfem::MatrixCoefficient::MatrixCoefficient ( int  h,
int  w 

Definition at line 555 of file coefficient.hpp.

virtual mfem::MatrixCoefficient::~MatrixCoefficient ( )

Definition at line 573 of file coefficient.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual void mfem::MatrixCoefficient::Eval ( DenseMatrix K,
ElementTransformation T,
const IntegrationPoint ip 
pure virtual

Evaluate the matrix coefficient in the element described by T at the point ip, storing the result in K.

When this method is called, the caller must make sure that the IntegrationPoint associated with T is the same as ip. This can be achieved by calling T.SetIntPoint(&ip).

Implemented in mfem::OuterProductCoefficient, mfem::InverseMatrixCoefficient, mfem::TransposeMatrixCoefficient, mfem::ScalarMatrixProductCoefficient, mfem::MatrixSumCoefficient, mfem::IdentityMatrixCoefficient, mfem::MatrixRestrictedCoefficient, mfem::MatrixArrayCoefficient, mfem::MatrixFunctionCoefficient, and mfem::MatrixConstantCoefficient.

int mfem::MatrixCoefficient::GetHeight ( ) const

Definition at line 560 of file coefficient.hpp.

double mfem::MatrixCoefficient::GetTime ( )

Definition at line 558 of file coefficient.hpp.

int mfem::MatrixCoefficient::GetVDim ( ) const

Definition at line 563 of file coefficient.hpp.

int mfem::MatrixCoefficient::GetWidth ( ) const

Definition at line 561 of file coefficient.hpp.

void mfem::MatrixCoefficient::SetTime ( double  t)

Definition at line 557 of file coefficient.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

int mfem::MatrixCoefficient::height

Definition at line 549 of file coefficient.hpp.

double mfem::MatrixCoefficient::time

Definition at line 550 of file coefficient.hpp.

int mfem::MatrixCoefficient::width

Definition at line 549 of file coefficient.hpp.

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