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Finite element discretization library
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mfem::HyprePCG Class Reference

PCG solver in hypre. More...

#include <hypre.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 HyprePCG (HypreParMatrix &_A)
void SetTol (double tol)
void SetMaxIter (int max_iter)
void SetLogging (int logging)
void SetPrintLevel (int print_lvl)
void SetPreconditioner (HypreSolver &precond)
 Set the hypre solver to be used as a preconditioner. More...
void SetResidualConvergenceOptions (int res_frequency=-1, double rtol=0.0)
void SetZeroInintialIterate ()
 non-hypre setting More...
void GetNumIterations (int &num_iterations)
virtual operator HYPRE_Solver () const
 The typecast to HYPRE_Solver returns the internal pcg_solver. More...
virtual HYPRE_PtrToParSolverFcn SetupFcn () const
 PCG Setup function. More...
virtual HYPRE_PtrToParSolverFcn SolveFcn () const
 PCG Solve function. More...
virtual void Mult (const HypreParVector &b, HypreParVector &x) const
 Solve Ax=b with hypre's PCG. More...
virtual ~HyprePCG ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from mfem::HypreSolver
 HypreSolver ()
 HypreSolver (HypreParMatrix *_A)
virtual void SetOperator (const Operator &op)
 Set/update the solver for the given operator. More...
virtual void Mult (const Vector &b, Vector &x) const
 Operator application: y=A(x). More...
virtual ~HypreSolver ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from mfem::Solver
 Solver (int s=0, bool iter_mode=false)
 Initialize a square Solver with size s. More...
 Solver (int h, int w, bool iter_mode=false)
 Initialize a Solver with height h and width w. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from mfem::Operator
 Operator (int s=0)
 Construct a square Operator with given size s (default 0). More...
 Operator (int h, int w)
 Construct an Operator with the given height (output size) and width (input size). More...
int Height () const
 Get the height (size of output) of the Operator. Synonym with NumRows(). More...
int NumRows () const
 Get the number of rows (size of output) of the Operator. Synonym with Height(). More...
int Width () const
 Get the width (size of input) of the Operator. Synonym with NumCols(). More...
int NumCols () const
 Get the number of columns (size of input) of the Operator. Synonym with Width(). More...
virtual void MultTranspose (const Vector &x, Vector &y) const
 Action of the transpose operator: y=A^t(x). The default behavior in class Operator is to generate an error. More...
virtual OperatorGetGradient (const Vector &x) const
 Evaluate the gradient operator at the point x. The default behavior in class Operator is to generate an error. More...
virtual const OperatorGetProlongation () const
 Prolongation operator from linear algebra (linear system) vectors, to input vectors for the operator. NULL means identity. More...
virtual const OperatorGetRestriction () const
 Restriction operator from input vectors for the operator to linear algebra (linear system) vectors. NULL means identity. More...
void FormLinearSystem (const Array< int > &ess_tdof_list, Vector &x, Vector &b, Operator *&A, Vector &X, Vector &B, int copy_interior=0)
 Form a constrained linear system using a matrix-free approach. More...
virtual void RecoverFEMSolution (const Vector &X, const Vector &b, Vector &x)
 Reconstruct a solution vector x (e.g. a GridFunction) from the solution X of a constrained linear system obtained from Operator::FormLinearSystem(). More...
void PrintMatlab (std::ostream &out, int n=0, int m=0) const
 Prints operator with input size n and output size m in Matlab format. More...
virtual ~Operator ()
 Virtual destructor. More...
Type GetType () const
 Return the type ID of the Operator class. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from mfem::Operator
enum  Type {
 Enumeration defining IDs for some classes derived from Operator. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from mfem::Solver
bool iterative_mode
 If true, use the second argument of Mult() as an initial guess. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from mfem::HypreSolver
 The linear system matrix. More...
 Right-hand side and solution vector. More...
int setup_called
 Was hypre's Setup function called already? More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from mfem::Operator
int height
 Dimension of the output / number of rows in the matrix. More...
int width
 Dimension of the input / number of columns in the matrix. More...

Detailed Description

PCG solver in hypre.

Definition at line 656 of file hypre.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mfem::HyprePCG::HyprePCG ( HypreParMatrix _A)

Definition at line 2159 of file hypre.cpp.

mfem::HyprePCG::~HyprePCG ( )

Definition at line 2284 of file hypre.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

void mfem::HyprePCG::GetNumIterations ( int &  num_iterations)

Definition at line 680 of file hypre.hpp.

void mfem::HyprePCG::Mult ( const HypreParVector b,
HypreParVector x 
) const

Solve Ax=b with hypre's PCG.

Reimplemented from mfem::HypreSolver.

Definition at line 2211 of file hypre.cpp.

virtual mfem::HyprePCG::operator HYPRE_Solver ( ) const

The typecast to HYPRE_Solver returns the internal pcg_solver.

Implements mfem::HypreSolver.

Definition at line 688 of file hypre.hpp.

void mfem::HyprePCG::SetLogging ( int  logging)

Definition at line 2180 of file hypre.cpp.

void mfem::HyprePCG::SetMaxIter ( int  max_iter)

Definition at line 2175 of file hypre.cpp.

void mfem::HyprePCG::SetPreconditioner ( HypreSolver precond)

Set the hypre solver to be used as a preconditioner.

Definition at line 2190 of file hypre.cpp.

void mfem::HyprePCG::SetPrintLevel ( int  print_lvl)

Definition at line 2185 of file hypre.cpp.

void mfem::HyprePCG::SetResidualConvergenceOptions ( int  res_frequency = -1,
double  rtol = 0.0 

Use the L2 norm of the residual for measuring PCG convergence, plus (optionally) 1) periodically recompute true residuals from scratch; and 2) enable residual-based stopping criteria.

Definition at line 2198 of file hypre.cpp.

void mfem::HyprePCG::SetTol ( double  tol)

Definition at line 2170 of file hypre.cpp.

virtual HYPRE_PtrToParSolverFcn mfem::HyprePCG::SetupFcn ( ) const

PCG Setup function.

Implements mfem::HypreSolver.

Definition at line 691 of file hypre.hpp.

void mfem::HyprePCG::SetZeroInintialIterate ( )

non-hypre setting

Definition at line 678 of file hypre.hpp.

virtual HYPRE_PtrToParSolverFcn mfem::HyprePCG::SolveFcn ( ) const

PCG Solve function.

Implements mfem::HypreSolver.

Definition at line 694 of file hypre.hpp.

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