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maxwell.cpp File Reference

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void maxwell_solution (const Vector &X, std::vector< complex< double >> &E)
void maxwell_solution_curl (const Vector &X, std::vector< complex< double >> &curlE)
void maxwell_solution_curlcurl (const Vector &X, std::vector< complex< double >> &curlcurlE)
void E_exact_r (const Vector &x, Vector &E_r)
void E_exact_i (const Vector &x, Vector &E_i)
void H_exact_r (const Vector &x, Vector &H_r)
void H_exact_i (const Vector &x, Vector &H_i)
void curlE_exact_r (const Vector &x, Vector &curlE_r)
void curlE_exact_i (const Vector &x, Vector &curlE_i)
void curlH_exact_r (const Vector &x, Vector &curlH_r)
void curlH_exact_i (const Vector &x, Vector &curlH_i)
void curlcurlE_exact_r (const Vector &x, Vector &curlcurlE_r)
void curlcurlE_exact_i (const Vector &x, Vector &curlcurlE_i)
void hatE_exact_r (const Vector &X, Vector &hatE_r)
void hatE_exact_i (const Vector &X, Vector &hatE_i)
void hatH_exact_r (const Vector &X, Vector &hatH_r)
void hatH_exact_i (const Vector &X, Vector &hatH_i)
double hatH_exact_scalar_r (const Vector &X)
double hatH_exact_scalar_i (const Vector &X)
void rhs_func_r (const Vector &x, Vector &J_r)
void rhs_func_i (const Vector &x, Vector &J_i)
int main (int argc, char *argv[])


int dim
int dimc
double omega
double mu = 1.0
double epsilon = 1.0

Function Documentation

◆ curlcurlE_exact_i()

void curlcurlE_exact_i ( const Vector x,
Vector curlcurlE_i 

Definition at line 603 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ curlcurlE_exact_r()

void curlcurlE_exact_r ( const Vector x,
Vector curlcurlE_r 

Definition at line 592 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ curlE_exact_i()

void curlE_exact_i ( const Vector x,
Vector curlE_i 

Definition at line 581 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ curlE_exact_r()

void curlE_exact_r ( const Vector x,
Vector curlE_r 

Definition at line 570 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ curlH_exact_i()

void curlH_exact_i ( const Vector x,
Vector curlH_i 

Definition at line 652 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ curlH_exact_r()

void curlH_exact_r ( const Vector x,
Vector curlH_r 

Definition at line 640 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ E_exact_i()

void E_exact_i ( const Vector x,
Vector E_i 

Definition at line 559 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ E_exact_r()

void E_exact_r ( const Vector x,
Vector E_r 

Definition at line 548 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ H_exact_i()

void H_exact_i ( const Vector x,
Vector H_i 

Definition at line 627 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ H_exact_r()

void H_exact_r ( const Vector x,
Vector H_r 

Definition at line 614 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ hatE_exact_i()

void hatE_exact_i ( const Vector X,
Vector hatE_i 

Definition at line 681 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ hatE_exact_r()

void hatE_exact_r ( const Vector X,
Vector hatE_r 

Definition at line 664 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ hatH_exact_i()

void hatH_exact_i ( const Vector X,
Vector hatH_i 

Definition at line 703 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ hatH_exact_r()

void hatH_exact_r ( const Vector X,
Vector hatH_r 

Definition at line 698 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ hatH_exact_scalar_i()

double hatH_exact_scalar_i ( const Vector X)

Definition at line 715 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ hatH_exact_scalar_r()

double hatH_exact_scalar_r ( const Vector X)

Definition at line 708 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ main()

int main ( int  argc,
char *  argv[] 

Definition at line 128 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ maxwell_solution()

void maxwell_solution ( const Vector X,
std::vector< complex< double >> &  E 

Definition at line 750 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ maxwell_solution_curl()

void maxwell_solution_curl ( const Vector X,
std::vector< complex< double >> &  curlE 

Definition at line 760 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ maxwell_solution_curlcurl()

void maxwell_solution_curlcurl ( const Vector X,
std::vector< complex< double >> &  curlcurlE 

Definition at line 778 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ rhs_func_i()

void rhs_func_i ( const Vector x,
Vector J_i 

Definition at line 737 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ rhs_func_r()

void rhs_func_r ( const Vector x,
Vector J_r 

Definition at line 724 of file maxwell.cpp.

Variable Documentation

◆ dim

int dim

Definition at line 122 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ dimc

int dimc

Definition at line 123 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ epsilon

double epsilon = 1.0

Definition at line 126 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ mu

double mu = 1.0

Definition at line 125 of file maxwell.cpp.

◆ omega

double omega

Definition at line 124 of file maxwell.cpp.