MFEM  v4.5.1
Finite element discretization library
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mfem::electromagnetics Namespace Reference


class  MeshDependentCoefficient
class  ScaledGFCoefficient
class  MagneticDiffusionEOperator
class  JouleHeatingCoefficient
class  MaxwellSolver
class  TeslaSolver
class  SurfaceCurrent
class  VoltaSolver


void edot_bc (const Vector &x, Vector &E)
void e_exact (const Vector &x, double t, Vector &E)
void b_exact (const Vector &x, double t, Vector &B)
double t_exact (const Vector &x)
double p_bc (const Vector &x, double t)
double prodFunc (double a, double b)


const double SOLVER_TOL = 1.0e-9
const int SOLVER_MAX_IT = 1000

Function Documentation

void mfem::electromagnetics::b_exact ( const Vector x,
double  t,
Vector B 

Definition at line 745 of file joule.cpp.

void mfem::electromagnetics::e_exact ( const Vector x,
double  t,
Vector E 

Definition at line 738 of file joule.cpp.

void mfem::electromagnetics::edot_bc ( const Vector x,
Vector E 

Definition at line 733 of file joule.cpp.

double mfem::electromagnetics::p_bc ( const Vector x,
double  t 

Definition at line 758 of file joule.cpp.

double mfem::electromagnetics::prodFunc ( double  a,
double  b 

Definition at line 27 of file maxwell_solver.cpp.

double mfem::electromagnetics::t_exact ( const Vector x)

Definition at line 752 of file joule.cpp.

Variable Documentation

const int mfem::electromagnetics::SOLVER_MAX_IT = 1000

Definition at line 31 of file joule_solver.hpp.

int mfem::electromagnetics::SOLVER_PRINT_LEVEL = 0

Definition at line 124 of file joule.cpp.

const double mfem::electromagnetics::SOLVER_TOL = 1.0e-9

Definition at line 30 of file joule_solver.hpp.

int mfem::electromagnetics::STATIC_COND = 0

Definition at line 125 of file joule.cpp.