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mfem::blocksolvers::DFSParameters Struct Reference

Parameters for the divergence free solver. More...

#include <div_free_solver.hpp>

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Public Attributes

bool coupled_solve = false
bool verbose = false
IterSolveParameters coarse_solve_param
IterSolveParameters BBT_solve_param
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int print_level = 0
int max_iter = 500
double abs_tol = 1e-12
double rel_tol = 1e-9

Detailed Description

Parameters for the divergence free solver.

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Member Data Documentation

◆ BBT_solve_param

IterSolveParameters mfem::blocksolvers::DFSParameters::BBT_solve_param

Definition at line 44 of file div_free_solver.hpp.

◆ coarse_solve_param

IterSolveParameters mfem::blocksolvers::DFSParameters::coarse_solve_param

Definition at line 43 of file div_free_solver.hpp.

◆ coupled_solve

bool mfem::blocksolvers::DFSParameters::coupled_solve = false

There are three components in the solver: a particular solution satisfying the divergence constraint, the remaining div-free component of the flux, and the pressure. When coupled_solve == false, the three components will be solved one by one in the aforementioned order. Otherwise, they will be solved at the same time.

Definition at line 41 of file div_free_solver.hpp.

◆ verbose

bool mfem::blocksolvers::DFSParameters::verbose = false

Definition at line 42 of file div_free_solver.hpp.

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