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mfem::HypreLOBPCG Class Reference

#include <hypre.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 HypreLOBPCG (MPI_Comm comm)
 ~HypreLOBPCG ()
void SetTol (double tol)
void SetRelTol (double rel_tol)
void SetMaxIter (int max_iter)
void SetPrintLevel (int logging)
void SetNumModes (int num_eigs)
void SetPrecondUsageMode (int pcg_mode)
void SetRandomSeed (int s)
void SetInitialVectors (int num_vecs, HypreParVector **vecs)
void SetPreconditioner (Solver &precond)
void SetOperator (Operator &A)
void SetMassMatrix (Operator &M)
void SetSubSpaceProjector (Operator &proj)
void Solve ()
 Solve the eigenproblem. More...
void GetEigenvalues (Array< double > &eigenvalues) const
 Collect the converged eigenvalues. More...
const HypreParVectorGetEigenvector (unsigned int i) const
 Extract a single eigenvector. More...
HypreParVector ** StealEigenvectors ()
 Transfer ownership of the converged eigenvectors. More...

Detailed Description

LOBPCG eigenvalue solver in hypre

The Locally Optimal Block Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient (LOBPCG) eigenvalue solver is designed to find the lowest eigenmodes of the generalized eigenvalue problem: A x = lambda M x where A is symmetric, potentially indefinite and M is symmetric positive definite. The eigenvectors are M-orthonormal, meaning that x^T M x = 1 and x^T M y = 0, if x and y are distinct eigenvectors. The matrix M is optional and is assumed to be the identity if left unset.

The efficiency of LOBPCG relies on the availability of a suitable preconditioner for the matrix A. The preconditioner is supplied through the SetPreconditioner() method. It should be noted that the operator used with the preconditioner need not be A itself.

For more information regarding LOBPCG see "Block Locally Optimal Preconditioned Eigenvalue Xolvers (BLOPEX) in Hypre and PETSc" by A. Knyazev, M. Argentati, I. Lashuk, and E. Ovtchinnikov, SISC, 29(5), 2224-2239, 2007.

Definition at line 1908 of file hypre.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ HypreLOBPCG()

mfem::HypreLOBPCG::HypreLOBPCG ( MPI_Comm  comm)

Definition at line 6097 of file hypre.cpp.

◆ ~HypreLOBPCG()

mfem::HypreLOBPCG::~HypreLOBPCG ( )

Definition at line 6117 of file hypre.cpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ GetEigenvalues()

void mfem::HypreLOBPCG::GetEigenvalues ( Array< double > &  eigenvalues) const

Collect the converged eigenvalues.

Definition at line 6230 of file hypre.cpp.

◆ GetEigenvector()

const HypreParVector & mfem::HypreLOBPCG::GetEigenvector ( unsigned int  i) const

Extract a single eigenvector.

Definition at line 6242 of file hypre.cpp.

◆ SetInitialVectors()

void mfem::HypreLOBPCG::SetInitialVectors ( int  num_vecs,
HypreParVector **  vecs 

Definition at line 6248 of file hypre.cpp.

◆ SetMassMatrix()

void mfem::HypreLOBPCG::SetMassMatrix ( Operator M)

Definition at line 6220 of file hypre.cpp.

◆ SetMaxIter()

void mfem::HypreLOBPCG::SetMaxIter ( int  max_iter)

Definition at line 6143 of file hypre.cpp.

◆ SetNumModes()

void mfem::HypreLOBPCG::SetNumModes ( int  num_eigs)

Definition at line 2002 of file hypre.hpp.

◆ SetOperator()

void mfem::HypreLOBPCG::SetOperator ( Operator A)

Definition at line 6173 of file hypre.cpp.

◆ SetPreconditioner()

void mfem::HypreLOBPCG::SetPreconditioner ( Solver precond)

Definition at line 6164 of file hypre.cpp.

◆ SetPrecondUsageMode()

void mfem::HypreLOBPCG::SetPrecondUsageMode ( int  pcg_mode)

Definition at line 6158 of file hypre.cpp.

◆ SetPrintLevel()

void mfem::HypreLOBPCG::SetPrintLevel ( int  logging)

Definition at line 6149 of file hypre.cpp.

◆ SetRandomSeed()

void mfem::HypreLOBPCG::SetRandomSeed ( int  s)

Definition at line 2004 of file hypre.hpp.

◆ SetRelTol()

void mfem::HypreLOBPCG::SetRelTol ( double  rel_tol)

Definition at line 6133 of file hypre.cpp.

◆ SetSubSpaceProjector()

void mfem::HypreLOBPCG::SetSubSpaceProjector ( Operator proj)

Definition at line 2011 of file hypre.hpp.

◆ SetTol()

void mfem::HypreLOBPCG::SetTol ( double  tol)

Definition at line 6127 of file hypre.cpp.

◆ Solve()

void mfem::HypreLOBPCG::Solve ( )

Solve the eigenproblem.

Definition at line 6287 of file hypre.cpp.

◆ StealEigenvectors()

HypreParVector** mfem::HypreLOBPCG::StealEigenvectors ( )

Transfer ownership of the converged eigenvectors.

Definition at line 2023 of file hypre.hpp.

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