MFEM  v4.1.0
Finite element discretization library
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table.hpp File Reference

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struct  mfem::Connection
 Helper struct for defining a connectivity table, see Table::MakeFromList. More...
class  mfem::Table
class  mfem::STable
class  mfem::DSTable
class  mfem::DSTable::RowIterator




void mfem::Swap< Table > (Table &a, Table &b)
 Specialization of the template function Swap<> for class Table. More...
void mfem::Transpose (const Table &A, Table &At, int _ncols_A=-1)
 Transpose a Table. More...
Table * mfem::Transpose (const Table &A)
void mfem::Transpose (const Array< int > &A, Table &At, int _ncols_A=-1)
 Transpose an Array<int> More...
void mfem::Mult (const Table &A, const Table &B, Table &C)
 C = A * B (as boolean matrices) More...
Table * mfem::Mult (const Table &A, const Table &B)