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Finite element discretization library
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mfem::ElementTransformation Class Referenceabstract

#include <eltrans.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 ElementTransformation ()
void SetIntPoint (const IntegrationPoint *ip)
const IntegrationPointGetIntPoint ()
virtual void Transform (const IntegrationPoint &, Vector &)=0
virtual void Transform (const IntegrationRule &, DenseMatrix &)=0
virtual void Transform (const DenseMatrix &matrix, DenseMatrix &result)=0
 Transform columns of 'matrix', store result in 'result'. More...
virtual const DenseMatrixJacobian ()=0
virtual double Weight ()=0
virtual int Order ()=0
virtual int OrderJ ()=0
virtual int OrderW ()=0
virtual int OrderGrad (const FiniteElement *fe)=0
 order of adj(J)^t.grad(fi) More...
virtual int GetSpaceDim ()=0
virtual int TransformBack (const Vector &, IntegrationPoint &)=0
virtual ~ElementTransformation ()

Public Attributes

int Attribute
int ElementNo

Protected Attributes

int JacobianIsEvaluated
int WeightIsEvaluated
const IntegrationPointIntPoint

Detailed Description

Definition at line 23 of file eltrans.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mfem::ElementTransformation::ElementTransformation ( )

Definition at line 19 of file eltrans.cpp.

virtual mfem::ElementTransformation::~ElementTransformation ( )

Definition at line 65 of file eltrans.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

const IntegrationPoint& mfem::ElementTransformation::GetIntPoint ( )

Definition at line 35 of file eltrans.hpp.

virtual int mfem::ElementTransformation::GetSpaceDim ( )
pure virtual

Get dimension of target space (we support 2D meshes embedded in 3D; in this case the function should return "3").

Implemented in mfem::IsoparametricTransformation.

virtual const DenseMatrix& mfem::ElementTransformation::Jacobian ( )
pure virtual

Return the Jacobian of the transformation at the IntPoint. The first column contains the x derivatives of the transformation, the second – the y derivatives, etc.

Implemented in mfem::IsoparametricTransformation.

virtual int mfem::ElementTransformation::Order ( )
pure virtual
virtual int mfem::ElementTransformation::OrderGrad ( const FiniteElement fe)
pure virtual

order of adj(J)^t.grad(fi)

Implemented in mfem::IsoparametricTransformation.

virtual int mfem::ElementTransformation::OrderJ ( )
pure virtual
virtual int mfem::ElementTransformation::OrderW ( )
pure virtual
void mfem::ElementTransformation::SetIntPoint ( const IntegrationPoint ip)

Definition at line 33 of file eltrans.hpp.

virtual void mfem::ElementTransformation::Transform ( const IntegrationPoint ,
pure virtual
virtual void mfem::ElementTransformation::Transform ( const IntegrationRule ,
pure virtual
virtual void mfem::ElementTransformation::Transform ( const DenseMatrix matrix,
DenseMatrix result 
pure virtual

Transform columns of 'matrix', store result in 'result'.

Implemented in mfem::IsoparametricTransformation.

virtual int mfem::ElementTransformation::TransformBack ( const Vector ,
pure virtual

Attempt to find the IntegrationPoint that is transformed into the given point in physical space. If the invesion fails a non-zero value is returned. This method is not 100 percent reliable for non-linear transformations.

Implemented in mfem::IsoparametricTransformation.

virtual double mfem::ElementTransformation::Weight ( )
pure virtual

Member Data Documentation

int mfem::ElementTransformation::Attribute

Definition at line 31 of file eltrans.hpp.

int mfem::ElementTransformation::ElementNo

Definition at line 31 of file eltrans.hpp.

const IntegrationPoint* mfem::ElementTransformation::IntPoint

Definition at line 28 of file eltrans.hpp.

int mfem::ElementTransformation::JacobianIsEvaluated

Definition at line 26 of file eltrans.hpp.

int mfem::ElementTransformation::WeightIsEvaluated

Definition at line 27 of file eltrans.hpp.

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