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BilinearFormIntegrator Class Reference

Abstract base class BilinearFormIntegrator. More...

#include <bilininteg.hpp>

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virtual void AssembleElementMatrix (const FiniteElement &el, ElementTransformation &Trans, DenseMatrix &elmat)
 Given a particular Finite Element computes the element matrix elmat.
virtual void AssembleElementMatrix2 (const FiniteElement &trial_fe, const FiniteElement &test_fe, ElementTransformation &Trans, DenseMatrix &elmat)
virtual void AssembleFaceMatrix (const FiniteElement &el1, const FiniteElement &el2, FaceElementTransformations &Trans, DenseMatrix &elmat)
virtual void ComputeElementFlux (const FiniteElement &el, ElementTransformation &Trans, Vector &u, const FiniteElement &fluxelem, Vector &flux, int wcoef=1)
virtual double ComputeFluxEnergy (const FiniteElement &fluxelem, ElementTransformation &Trans, Vector &flux)
virtual ~BilinearFormIntegrator ()

Detailed Description

Abstract base class BilinearFormIntegrator.

Definition at line 16 of file bilininteg.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

virtual BilinearFormIntegrator::~BilinearFormIntegrator ( ) [inline, virtual]

Definition at line 43 of file bilininteg.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

void BilinearFormIntegrator::AssembleElementMatrix ( const FiniteElement el,
ElementTransformation Trans,
DenseMatrix elmat 
) [virtual]
void BilinearFormIntegrator::AssembleElementMatrix2 ( const FiniteElement trial_fe,
const FiniteElement test_fe,
ElementTransformation Trans,
DenseMatrix elmat 
) [virtual]

Compute the local matrix representation of a bilinear form a(u,v) defined on different trial (given by u) and test (given by v) spaces. The rows in the local matrix correspond to the test dofs and the columns -- to the trial dofs.

Reimplemented in TransposeIntegrator, MassIntegrator, VectorFEDivergenceIntegrator, VectorFECurlIntegrator, DerivativeIntegrator, VectorFEMassIntegrator, VectorDivergenceIntegrator, GradientInterpolator, IdentityInterpolator, CurlInterpolator, and DivergenceInterpolator.

Definition at line 25 of file bilininteg.cpp.

References mfem_error().

void BilinearFormIntegrator::AssembleFaceMatrix ( const FiniteElement el1,
const FiniteElement el2,
FaceElementTransformations Trans,
DenseMatrix elmat 
) [virtual]

Definition at line 33 of file bilininteg.cpp.

References mfem_error().

virtual void BilinearFormIntegrator::ComputeElementFlux ( const FiniteElement el,
ElementTransformation Trans,
Vector u,
const FiniteElement fluxelem,
Vector flux,
int  wcoef = 1 
) [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented in DiffusionIntegrator.

Definition at line 35 of file bilininteg.hpp.

Referenced by ComputeFlux(), and ZZErrorEstimator().

virtual double BilinearFormIntegrator::ComputeFluxEnergy ( const FiniteElement fluxelem,
ElementTransformation Trans,
Vector flux 
) [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented in DiffusionIntegrator.

Definition at line 40 of file bilininteg.hpp.

Referenced by ZZErrorEstimator().

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