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weakform.hpp File Reference

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class  mfem::DPGWeakForm
 Class representing the DPG weak formulation. Given the variational formulation a(u,v) = b(v), (or A u = b, where <Au,v> = a(u,v)) this class forms the DPG linear system A^T G^-1 A u = A^T G^-1 b This system results from the minimum residual formulation u = argmin_w ||G^-1(b - Aw)||. Here G is a symmetric positive definite matrix resulting from the discretization of the Riesz operator on the test space. Since the test space is broken (discontinuous), G is defined and inverted element-wise and the assembly of the global system is performed in the same manner as the standard FEM method. Note that DPGWeakForm can handle multiple Finite Element spaces. More...