MFEM  v4.6.0
Finite element discretization library
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globals.hpp File Reference

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class  mfem::OutStream
 Simple extension of std::ostream. More...




std::string mfem::MakeParFilename (const std::string &prefix, const int myid, const std::string suffix="", const int width=6)
 Construct a string of the form "<prefix><myid><suffix>" where the integer myid is padded with leading zeros to be at least width digits long. More...
MFEM "global" communicator functions.

Functions for getting and setting the MPI communicator used by the library as the "global" communicator.

This "global" communicator is used for example in the function mfem_error(), which is invoked when an error is detected - the "global" communicator is used as a parameter to MPI_Abort() to terminate all "global" tasks.

MPI_Comm mfem::GetGlobalMPI_Comm ()
 Get MFEM's "global" MPI communicator. More...
void mfem::SetGlobalMPI_Comm (MPI_Comm comm)
 Set MFEM's "global" MPI communicator. More...