MFEM  v4.6.0
Finite element discretization library
mfem::Memory< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for mfem::Memory< T >, including all inherited members.

ALIAS enum valuemfem::Memory< T >protected
capacitymfem::Memory< T >protected
Capacity() constmfem::Memory< T >inline
ClearOwnerFlags() constmfem::Memory< T >inline
CompareHostAndDevice(int size) constmfem::Memory< T >inline
CopyFrom(const Memory &src, int size)mfem::Memory< T >inline
CopyFromHost(const T *src, int size)mfem::Memory< T >inline
CopyTo(Memory &dest, int size) constmfem::Memory< T >inline
CopyToHost(T *dest, int size) constmfem::Memory< T >inline
Delete()mfem::Memory< T >inline
DeleteDevice(bool copy_to_host=true)mfem::Memory< T >inline
DeviceIsValid() constmfem::Memory< T >inline
Empty() constmfem::Memory< T >inline
FlagMask enum namemfem::Memory< T >protected
flagsmfem::Memory< T >mutableprotected
GetDeviceMemoryType() constmfem::Memory< T >inline
GetHostMemoryType() constmfem::Memory< T >inline
GetMemoryType() constmfem::Memory< T >inline
h_mtmfem::Memory< T >protected
h_ptrmfem::Memory< T >protected
HostIsValid() constmfem::Memory< T >inline
MakeAlias(const Memory &base, int offset, int size)mfem::Memory< T >inline
Memory()mfem::Memory< T >inline
Memory(const Memory &orig)=defaultmfem::Memory< T >
Memory(Memory &&orig)mfem::Memory< T >inline
Memory(int size)mfem::Memory< T >inlineexplicit
Memory(int size, MemoryType mt)mfem::Memory< T >inline
Memory(int size, MemoryType h_mt, MemoryType d_mt)mfem::Memory< T >inline
Memory(T *ptr, int size, bool own)mfem::Memory< T >inlineexplicit
Memory(T *ptr, int size, MemoryType mt, bool own)mfem::Memory< T >inline
Memory(const Memory &base, int offset, int size)mfem::Memory< T >inline
MemoryManager classmfem::Memory< T >friend
MemoryPrintFlags(unsigned flags)mfem::Memory< T >friend
New(int size)mfem::Memory< T >inline
New(int size, MemoryType mt)mfem::Memory< T >inline
New(int size, MemoryType h_mt, MemoryType d_mt)mfem::Memory< T >inline
operator const T *() constmfem::Memory< T >inline
operator const U *() constmfem::Memory< T >inlineexplicit
operator T*()mfem::Memory< T >inline
operator U*()mfem::Memory< T >inlineexplicit
operator=(const Memory &orig)=defaultmfem::Memory< T >
operator=(Memory &&orig)mfem::Memory< T >inline
operator[](int idx)mfem::Memory< T >inline
operator[](int idx) constmfem::Memory< T >inline
OWNS_DEVICE enum valuemfem::Memory< T >protected
OWNS_HOST enum valuemfem::Memory< T >protected
OWNS_INTERNAL enum valuemfem::Memory< T >protected
OwnsDevicePtr() constmfem::Memory< T >inline
OwnsHostPtr() constmfem::Memory< T >inline
PrintFlags() constmfem::Memory< T >inline
Read(MemoryClass mc, int size) constmfem::Memory< T >inline
ReadWrite(MemoryClass mc, int size)mfem::Memory< T >inline
REGISTERED enum valuemfem::Memory< T >protected
Registered enum valuemfem::Memory< T >protected
Reset()mfem::Memory< T >inline
Reset(MemoryType host_mt)mfem::Memory< T >inline
SetDeviceMemoryType(MemoryType d_mt)mfem::Memory< T >inline
SetDevicePtrOwner(bool own) constmfem::Memory< T >inline
SetHostPtrOwner(bool own) constmfem::Memory< T >inline
Sync(const Memory &other) constmfem::Memory< T >inline
SyncAlias(const Memory &base, int alias_size) constmfem::Memory< T >inline
USE_DEVICE enum valuemfem::Memory< T >protected
UseDevice() constmfem::Memory< T >inline
UseDevice(bool use_dev) constmfem::Memory< T >inline
VALID_DEVICE enum valuemfem::Memory< T >protected
VALID_HOST enum valuemfem::Memory< T >protected
Wrap(T *ptr, int size, bool own)mfem::Memory< T >inline
Wrap(T *ptr, int size, MemoryType mt, bool own)mfem::Memory< T >inline
Wrap(T *h_ptr, T *d_ptr, int size, MemoryType h_mt, bool own, bool valid_host=false, bool valid_device=true)mfem::Memory< T >inline
Write(MemoryClass mc, int size)mfem::Memory< T >inline
~Memory()=defaultmfem::Memory< T >