MFEM  v4.5.1
Finite element discretization library
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ncmesh.hpp File Reference

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struct  mfem::Refinement
struct  mfem::Embedding
 Defines the position of a fine element within a coarse element. More...
struct  mfem::CoarseFineTransformations
 Defines the coarse-fine transformations of all fine elements. More...
class  mfem::NCMesh
 A class for non-conforming AMR. The class is not used directly by the user, rather it is an extension of the Mesh class. More...
struct  mfem::NCMesh::MeshId
 Identifies a vertex/edge/face in both Mesh and NCMesh. More...
struct  mfem::NCMesh::Master
struct  mfem::NCMesh::Slave
 Nonconforming edge/face within a bigger edge/face. More...
struct  mfem::NCMesh::NCList
 Lists all edges/faces in the nonconforming mesh. More...
struct  mfem::NCMesh::Node
struct  mfem::NCMesh::Face
struct  mfem::NCMesh::Element
struct  mfem::NCMesh::Point
struct  mfem::NCMesh::PointMatrix
 The PointMatrix stores the coordinates of the slave face using the master face coordinate as reference. More...
struct  mfem::NCMesh::TmpVertex
struct  mfem::NCMesh::GeomInfo
 This holds in one place the constants about the geometries we support. More...




void mfem::Swap (CoarseFineTransformations &a, CoarseFineTransformations &b)