MFEM  v4.5.2
Finite element discretization library
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fe_base.hpp File Reference

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class  mfem::BasisType
 Possible basis types. Note that not all elements can use all BasisType(s). More...
class  mfem::DofToQuad
 Structure representing the matrices/tensors needed to evaluate (in reference space) the values, gradients, divergences, or curls of a FiniteElement at a the quadrature points of a given IntegrationRule. More...
class  mfem::FunctionSpace
 Describes the function space on each element. More...
class  mfem::FiniteElement
 Abstract class for all finite elements. More...
class  mfem::ScalarFiniteElement
 Class for finite elements with basis functions that return scalar values. More...
class  mfem::NodalFiniteElement
 Class for standard nodal finite elements. More...
class  mfem::VectorFiniteElement
 Intermediate class for finite elements whose basis functions return vector values. More...
class  mfem::Poly_1D
 Class for computing 1D special polynomials and their associated basis functions. More...
class  mfem::Poly_1D::Basis
 Class for evaluating 1D nodal, positive (Bernstein), or integrated (Gerritsma) bases. More...
class  mfem::TensorBasisElement
class  mfem::NodalTensorFiniteElement
class  mfem::VectorTensorFiniteElement




void mfem::InvertLinearTrans (ElementTransformation &trans, const IntegrationPoint &pt, Vector &x)