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Finite element discretization library
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bilinearform.hpp File Reference

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class  mfem::BilinearForm
 A "square matrix" operator for the associated FE space and BLFIntegrators The sum of all the BLFIntegrators can be used form the matrix M. This class also supports other assembly levels specified via the SetAssemblyLevel() function. More...
class  mfem::MixedBilinearForm
class  mfem::DiscreteLinearOperator




enum  mfem::AssemblyLevel {
  mfem::AssemblyLevel::LEGACY = 0, mfem::AssemblyLevel::LEGACYFULL = 0, mfem::AssemblyLevel::FULL, mfem::AssemblyLevel::ELEMENT,
  mfem::AssemblyLevel::PARTIAL, mfem::AssemblyLevel::NONE
 Enumeration defining the assembly level for bilinear and nonlinear form classes derived from Operator. For more details, see More...