MFEM  v4.3.0
Finite element discretization library
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gridfunc.hpp File Reference

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class  mfem::GridFunction
 Class for grid function - Vector with associated FE space. More...
class  mfem::JumpScaling
class  mfem::QuadratureFunction
 Class representing a function through its values (scalar or vector) at quadrature points. More...
class  mfem::ExtrudeCoefficient
 Class used for extruding scalar GridFunctions. More...




std::ostream & mfem::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const GridFunction &sol)
std::ostream & mfem::operator<< (std::ostream &out, const QuadratureFunction &qf)
 Overload operator<< for std::ostream and QuadratureFunction. More...
double mfem::ZZErrorEstimator (BilinearFormIntegrator &blfi, GridFunction &u, GridFunction &flux, Vector &error_estimates, Array< int > *aniso_flags, int with_subdomains, bool with_coeff)
double mfem::ComputeElementLpDistance (double p, int i, GridFunction &gf1, GridFunction &gf2)
 Compute the Lp distance between two grid functions on the given element. More...
GridFunction * mfem::Extrude1DGridFunction (Mesh *mesh, Mesh *mesh2d, GridFunction *sol, const int ny)
 Extrude a scalar 1D GridFunction, after extruding the mesh with Extrude1D. More...