MFEM  v4.0
Finite element discretization library
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mem_manager.hpp File Reference

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class  mfem::Memory< T >
 Class used by MFEM to store pointers to host and/or device memory. More...
class  mfem::MemoryManager
 The memory manager class. More...




enum  mfem::MemoryType {
  mfem::MemoryType::HOST, mfem::MemoryType::HOST_32, mfem::MemoryType::HOST_64, mfem::MemoryType::CUDA,
 Memory types supported by MFEM. More...
enum  mfem::MemoryClass {
  mfem::MemoryClass::HOST, mfem::MemoryClass::HOST_32, mfem::MemoryClass::HOST_64, mfem::MemoryClass::CUDA,
 Memory classes identify subsets of memory types. More...


bool mfem::IsHostMemory (MemoryType mt)
 Return true if the given memory type is in MemoryClass::HOST. More...
MemoryType mfem::GetMemoryType (MemoryClass mc)
 Return a suitable MemoryType for a given MemoryClass. More...
MemoryClass mfem::operator* (MemoryClass mc1, MemoryClass mc2)
 Return a suitable MemoryClass from a pair of MemoryClasses. More...
void mfem::MemoryPrintFlags (unsigned flags)
 Print the state of a Memory object based on its internal flags. Useful in a debugger. More...