MFEM  v4.0
Finite element discretization library
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forall.hpp File Reference

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template<typename HBODY >
void mfem::OmpWrap (const int N, HBODY &&h_body)
 OpenMP backend. More...
template<int BLOCKS, typename DBODY >
void mfem::RajaCudaWrap (const int N, DBODY &&d_body)
 RAJA Cuda backend. More...
template<typename HBODY >
void mfem::RajaOmpWrap (const int N, HBODY &&h_body)
 RAJA OpenMP backend. More...
template<typename HBODY >
void mfem::RajaSeqWrap (const int N, HBODY &&h_body)
 RAJA sequential loop backend. More...
template<const int BLCK = MFEM_CUDA_BLOCKS, typename DBODY >
void mfem::CuWrap1D (const int N, DBODY &&d_body)
template<typename DBODY >
void mfem::CuWrap2D (const int N, DBODY &&d_body, const int X, const int Y, const int BZ)
template<typename DBODY >
void mfem::CuWrap3D (const int N, DBODY &&d_body, const int X, const int Y, const int Z)
template<const int DIM, typename DBODY , typename HBODY >
void mfem::ForallWrap (const bool use_dev, const int N, DBODY &&d_body, HBODY &&h_body, const int X=0, const int Y=0, const int Z=0)
 The forall kernel body wrapper. More...


const int mfem::MAX_D1D = 16
const int mfem::MAX_Q1D = 16